Chairman of Doesrt County Council

Mr Coulter lobbied Councilor Peak on the 19th December 2001, He told him that to
a greater or lesser degree Dorset County Council were responsible for the loss of his jeep,
by advising the police not to impound a stolen vehicle. Peak is extremely Arrogant, he told
Mr Coulter that he wants his cake and eat it too, and that he has no intention
of assisting Mr Coulter with the problems he has got. He further told Mr Coulter
that he had spoken to Peter Jones, the Chair of the Police Authority, and discussed
an insulting settlement offer Mr Jones made to Mr Coulters Lawyers.

This was a without prejudice conversation, and should not have
been discussed by Jones. To see the evidence Click Here!

Mr Coulter bought to Peaks attention the fact that Dorset Police Authority
do not comply with Statute Law in dealing with well founded Criminal Allegations
of Misconduct, and that is why he should not have discussed this with Jones
from the Police Authority. Mr Coulter requested Peak to take the matter up with
Her Majesties Inspector of Constabularies, as this could be a reason why
HMIC think Dorset Police have few Criminal Allegations leveled against them.

Peak was given a letter, where London Lawyers make serious Criminal
Allocations against the head of the complaints department, who is in
charge of the professional standards unit in Dorset Police. Also Criminal
Allegations against the Clerk to the Police Authority Peter Harvey, who is the
former Chief Executive of Dorset County Council.

To see the lawyers allegations Click here!

Mr Coulter asked Peak if he thought it was acceptable that these
officers behave in such a dishonest criminal manner? Peak told
Mr Coulter that he did not care about the allegations.

With people like Peak in office, the same thing can happen ro
other members of the public, No wonder he is Arrogant, the
Dorset Rate Payers are Paying for It!

The County Council paid him £12,322 for the year 2001 / 2002.

To See Proof of this Click Here!